When your baby catches a cold 👶🏻😷

Hey everyone it’s been a long time ! The weather here is changing and it’s that time of the year when it’s hot in the day but it’s chilly after sundown ! You just don’t know wether or not to wear warmer clothes or mid summer clothes ! And obviously with this kind of weather comes the occasional viral fever that everyone seems to be catching everywhere. Unfortunately my baby caught it too . She’s been down with fever for a week and I’ve been super busy taking care of her . 

So the purpose of this post was this little tip that , I think , helped minza’s (my one year old) fever go down ; which I didn’t know by the way, a lady I met recently advised me to put alcohol swabs under my babies armpits for a few minutes and the fever would go down . Now I’ve never heard of this trick and initially I wasn’t down for it. But after so many medications when I saw little change in minza’s condition, I decided to go for it. So I checked her fever and it was 101.8 F and she was very lethargic. I put the alcohol swabs under her arm pits for a minute and took them out. In under 10 minutes believe me her fever was down and within half an hour my baby was happily playing ! 

I still took her to her doctor afterwards and even though he didn’t approve of this method as such openly I thought it was a good trick. He has put her on brufen and my baby is much much better today. But if it’s very late at night when your doctor might not be available and your baby has high fever , I think this little trick to get the fever down would help you a lot! Thank you byeeeee❤️

When you have curly hair 🙄

If you have really curly hair like I do you would definitely understand my struggle then! So last night, there was a slight wind storm in my area, it was really dark outside and I had forgotten to switch on my porch light. So I went out and hurriedly went over to the switch board ( it was really dark and windy and I was scared because I was all alone). As I switched on the lights, suddenly I felt someone grab onto my hair from behind! Without looking left or right , I just screamed my heart out and ran into the house , locked the door and literally just stood staring at the door in fright wondering who pulled my hair . At that moment my eyes fell on the mirror beside the front door and I let out a big frustrated sigh. A big twig or I’d say a very small branch was stuck in my hair 🙄 . That was what had pulled at my hair. And it’s leaves we’re all over hair.

It took me twenty minutes to free my hair from the twig and it’s many many thorns. But it’s not the first time something got stuck in there. Like I said if you have curly hair you would know that the struggle is real ! But hell I still love my unique hair and wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Diet tea

So my brothers wedding is coming up in December and I’m desperate to lose at least 10 pounds before it. I don’t really believe in diet crash courses and programmes but a few weeks back I was doing some grocery shopping at the local mart and I came across this green tea which boasted of great weight loss results. 

I don’t know what made me pick it up as there were a lot of other similar teas as well around it but I did and I tried it that night before going to bed. It tasted weird but I managed to drink the whole cup and went to sleep. Now you should know I suffer from severe constipation and I experienced bowel movements in 3-4 days. So when I woke up the next morning I had another cup before breakfast as instructed on the box. After an hour or so, oh man did I run to the toilet! I cannot tell how good it felt to completely empty the contents of your bowel and literally just felt light afterwards! It’s the best feeling!!! This is a big thing for me and I have to tell you I am now hooked! I drink this fujian green tea at least once a day and I have never felt so much better and healthier yet I lost 3 pounds. 

I don’t know of any of its side effects as of yet but I do know that it has helped me a lot and I no longer suffer from constipation. This actually helped me so I thought I should spread the word and maybe someone could benefit from it. But I should warn those who have a weak stomach to maybe not try it! Anyways let’s hope I lose my weight in two months! *fingers crossed*  

To all Harry Potter lovers❤️

Hello all my fellow wizards and all muggles! Today let’s talk about our love for the wizarding world that our saviour Jk Rowling created for us. 

I started reading Harry Potter when I was eleven and I was instantly in love with it. I grew up with the books and I could relate with the famous trio on another level due to our same age. Their world, their stories have always been a bright light in my otherwise quite ordinary life. Oh how I had a crush on Harry .. such days they were *sigh*  not that I don’t love him any less now . And Draco Malfoy *sighs again dreamily* you beautiful little shit! 

But my most favorite of them all were the twins; ok no I’m still not ready to talk about this yet ! I guess I’ll never be😔. On a side note, I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that the movies didn’t do the books complete justice! I mean yes all the actors were perfect for each character looks wise but I feel like they didn’t deliver their character the way the books depicted acting wise! Look at Ron for instance; in the movies he’s shown as harrys sidekick without much of a working brain but in reality his character and role in Harry’s life was much much more deeper than all the movies put together ! Same goes for Ginny , they undermined her so much in the movies , it was so frustrating! And there was no Peeves!! They cut out so many things from the books to make it fit in a movie but I feel like they shouldn’t have done that! Anyways, all this ranting has made me miss them all so excuse me while I go and start my Harry Potter marathon again for the upteenth time! Love you all and show me your love for Harry Potter in the comments! Bye now 😘 

Get rid of that double chin! 

Don’t you just hate it when that extra bit of chin fat shows up hanging down your face in every photo? Like hello! Go back inside you useless piece of fat no one wants you here!!  

It is no doubt very difficult to get rid of a double chin but it’s not impossible my friends; there have been a lot of product launches recently in the Korean market that claim to get rid of your double chin but none of them are good , trust me I tried some of them.  But what is good for you is this effective exercise ! I tried it and I’ve been doing it for the past few weeks and trust me it’s good!! I feel a difference in my chin and my face is slimmer than before. It’s a simple exercise for your jaw. 

So this is how you do it: sit straight with your neck stretched ,look upwards and feel your necks skin stretch; hold that position for 2 seconds then open and close your mouth slowly and continue doing it. You will feel your neck stretching with each motion. I like to count how many time I do it . I started out with 50 then went on to doing it a 100 times daily.  

It’s really good for you and worked wonders for me! It’s simple yet effective and I can do it whenever I can even while I’m sitting on the toilet. So try it friends ! It helped me so I thought I’ll share this method with you! Hope this helps! Much love 😘 

How I shed my pregnancy weight ! 

Hello everyone, 

So today I’m going to share with you how I shed 32 pounds of post pregnancy weight. I delivered my darling angel in 2016 February. It’s only natural for us ladies to gain a little weight during pregnancy but in my case it was a lot of weight!! Like literally, I gained a whopping 60 pounds!! 

I was a 110 pounds when I conceived my baby and the day I was admitted to the hospital for my c-section (another story for another time) I weighed 174 pounds. It’s safe to say that at that point in my life I was at my lowest. I was ashamed of even looking at myself and like every first time mother I was under the false notion that after the baby would come out I’d automatically lose at least 10 pounds, surely. I only lost 4. 

For a long long time my body felt weird, I was still bloated , I resembled a baby whale, none of my old clothes still fit me, It seemed like I was always breastfeeding the baby then nappy changing then breastfeeding then nappy changing; it was like an endless cycle. Plusbonus point: you get no sleep!! My baby would literally start crying after every hour for either milk or she just wanted to be rocked back to sleep and I would stay up all night till 4. But luckily my husband has always been there for me and after 4 in the morning , he would take over and let me sleep peacefully for a few hours. 

So in all this I started to experience ptsd. How do I take time out for myself? I wanted to lose weight desperately, it seemed to me that I would only be happy with myself after I have lost weight . So in the beginning I started slow. I would walk for twenty minutes on my treadmill when the baby was sleeping , gradually as the babies nap time increased so did my tread time. Another thing I did was I started drinking a glass of honey and lemon water before breakfast every morning. I would fill three 1.5 litre bottles with water and make it a point to drink all three from morning till night. It was slow but in a few weeks I started noticing  the difference. In just 4 weeks I had lost 10 pounds !! I also started noticing that my weight got stuck there, it wouldn’t budge anymore! So the next thing I did was very difficult for me; I stopped drinking sodas. And it worked .  I started losing in inches, my body’s proportions started evening out. Greatest thing  of all,  I didn’t look like a stuffed pillow anymore! My weight was the same but my waist was getting in shape . It took me 10 months to lose 30 pounds but I did. Not once did I ever starve myself. I didn’t go through any diet plan or took any metabolism boosting pills. I still ordered Mcdonalds twice or sometimes thrice a week and ate pretty much everything I wanted. All I did was drink lemon honey water , walk , drink lots and lots of water and occasionally some yoga but most importantly I let go of my coke with every dinner habit .

Today I weigh 140 pounds. I’m still a bit overweight but my goal weigh is 130 and one day much sooner than later I’m gonna reach it. I’m happier in my own skin now and I feel healthier than I’ve ever done  and that’s good enough for me! Because in the end all that matters is that you’re happy and confident and comfortable with yourself and that’s when you will truly reach your goal of ultimate happiness ! 

New beginnings

Hello everyone,

So this is my first ever blog. I’ve never done this before but I’ve always wanted to try out new things in life but somewhere along the way I forgot that. So this is me starting out with new beginnings and doing things for myself. Come with me on this journey of Self loving and finding my inner fashionista again . I need your love and support so wish me luck !! Xoxo